Thailand Visit

Five students including me had been sent to Burapha University for the detailed  study of paintings and sculptures. We take this opportunity to thank the teachers and students  of Bhurapha University  for their  kind cooperation  and consideration.

Palazhimadhanam installation and other paintings and sculptures made of gold which we observed at the Suvarnabhoomi Airport was my first  step to a new artistic world. The significance of gold in the art and cultural  field of a Buddhist country like Thailand  is immense. They largely use gold in most of the sculptures and paintings including mural paintings.

For the  study purpose we visited several Buddhist temples . The most attractive and beautiful among them was the gold decorated  murals and sculptures of Wat phra  kaew temple in Bangkok . Most of the mural paintings are based on Ramayanam stories. We saw very minute and detailed work in each and every painting. Much similarity  could be seen between Indian miniature painting and Thailand mural painting.

In Thailand, they use natural colours  for mural paintings. They prepare walls by giving a coat of the  mixture of jaggery, lime and other mixtures from nature. The most attractive  feature is  the fixing of gold on the ornaments of their paintings.

We copied the traditions of Thai mural paintings which we feel most attractive to our books and then to canvas.

The sanctuary  of truth in Pattaya which is fully made up of Teakwood  was the most beautiful  and exciting building in Thailand. The sculptures  in this building  are based on the three god concepts  of Hindus and the concepts of Buddhism. The minute and exciting work of this building had started since 1980 and expecting to be completed by 2050.

The colourful  paintings, the beautiful  sculptures and other  handicrafts  of Thailand  are ever memorable. The training given by the teachers and the hospitality of our friends in Thailand  are the most valuable gifts that ever had in our life and we will remain in our memory for ever.



Project Details

  • Bhurapha University, Thailand

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  • Gold Paintings

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  • Jan 1th - Mar 9th

  • Thailand

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