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I am looking forward to collaborate and work with like-minded individuals and promote mural painting in the best possible manner.



Now a days it has been a trend to retain the traditional values in constructing houses, temples and buildings. Exhibiting the sculptures, carvings, paintings and other handicrafts which were the part of Indian culture reminds us about our tradition.

Based on the structure and interior design we can decide which type of paintings or handicrafts are suitable for the building. Today, anybody who wants to build a house is aware of the methods to beautify it. A mural artist can fulfill the demands of a customer without loosing the traditional values and rules of mural art.


I have been conducting many camps inside and outside India for those who have love and interest in mural painting.  The main motive behind this is to share the essence and techniques  of mural art which I have learned. Many new growing artists developed interest towards the mural art through such camps.


Many of the existing traditional mural paintings across the world had decayed partially or completely due to aging. It is our duty to protect such historically important paintings for future generation. Now a days it is possible to repair damaged paintings and protect them using scientific methods.


Many people are interested to study and to learn deeply the art and techniques of mural painting which is enriched by the diversity of five colours. Many artists are learning mural painting without any difference in age or gender.

The proper guidance of a guru can evoke the self confidence of anybody having the average ability to draw and intense wish to learn which leads to the creation of a beautiful mural art.

The training through the aims to maximise the self confidence and ability of the trainee to be a perfect artist by providing clear information, knowledge and helpful techniques. On line training helps many eager students to get proper guidance though they are living in distant part of the world.

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